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Best Places to Travel to by Season

So you’ve finally made the decision to take the ‘leap’ into the world of travel nursing.  That’s great!  Get ready to add some experience to your resume, see unique parts of our beautiful country you may be unfamiliar with, and make a BOATLOAD of money!  One of the greatest benefits of working as a traveler is you’ll most likely work three days per week – which means you’ll have the other four days to explore if you’re a natural-born “Magellan.”  

Now the question is, where should you go? 

A big contributing factor in deciding where to travel is the weather – and the four seasons have a great impact on that.  So where are the best places to travel by season? 

Here are a few states we recommend (based on seasonality):



Being the second largest state in the country, Texas has a lot to offer its visitors – with many historical landmarks, attractions and its big cities.  Although the winters can be mild in Texas, they are generally highly unpredictable and rather chilly.  The Summer doesn’t seem to be a better choice, with scorching temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and extreme humidity! 

Spring would be your best bet if you’re planning to take assignment in Texas – sometime between mid-March and the end of May.  Let me tell you why.

Springtime in Texas means Winter’s nippy weather is gone but summer’s blazing temperatures haven’t arrived yet.  If you’re like us and enjoy spending your free time outside, then Texas is where you want to be in the spring.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous! 

If that’s not enticing enough – Texas also brings us beautiful wildflower blooms which hit their peak in April.  Watching Texas’ seasonal wildflowers light up the prairies and line the roadways is unparalleled, and certainly a sight to see!  Speaking of sights, bird-watching opportunities are also optimal during this time of year because of spring migration. 

You’ll also find great fishing, hiking trails and plenty of spring festivals and events throughout all regions of Texas during this time of year.  You can find a list of suggestions at Wide-open Country.  

The combination of near-perfect weather with its stunning landscape scenery and outdoor activities makes Texas the perfect choice for a springtime assignment!    



Michigan may be one of the most underrated places to visit in the summertime.  It has the nation’s longest freshwater coastline, long sunny days and mid 80-degree weather to supplement it.  If you haven’t witnessed it yourself – the white sandy beaches and views of the vast Great Lakes really makes it feel like you’re staring out into the ocean.  The only difference is you won’t have to worry about a mouthful of salt water when you go swimming!  Locals call it the “Lake Effect,” and that may definitely be a thing – because there are more than 11,000 lakes to choose from!  Check out more about Michigan summers.

You’ll see plenty of friendly Michiganians (locals) enjoying all kinds of outdoor activities in the comfortably warm weather to reward themselves for dealing with months of depressing grey and cold temperatures.  Outdoor activities range from water sports like wakeboarding, kayaking, and fishing to other activities like hiking in Michigan’s forested state parks, attending one of the hundreds of summer festivals that are held, and outdoor concerts. 

Michigan’s green landscape, warm weather and sought out “lake life” makes it one of the hottest spots in the country for a summer assignment!



If you’ve never been to Massachusetts in the fall, then boy are you missing out!  Actually, scratch out Massachusetts and replace it with any state in New England.  Traveling to Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, or Rhode Island will afford you breathtaking views of the fall foliage.  And when I say breathtaking, I mean BREATHTAKING! 

Couple that with the city of Boston, a city considered to be “heaven” for you history nerds – especially regarding the Revolutionary War.  Whether it’s the world-renowned Boston Tea Party where 45 tons of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor after taxes were levied on imported tea, or Paul Revere’s midnight ride – many of the key events of the War occurred in or near Boston and you can see them all.

Because the weather won’t be too cold yet, you’ll also be able to enjoy walking around Boston Common, Faneuil Hall in the north end, or any of Boston’s prestigious university campuses like Harvard, Boston College, Boston University, Northeastern, or MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). 

Did I also forget to mention that Boston is one of the best sports cities in the country?!  Hosting your New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox – Boston never seems to disappoint in the world of professional sports.  In fact, if you take an assignment in Massachusetts in the fall you can go to historical Fenway Park for a Red Sox game in October – just in time for the start of the playoffs!  Let’s hope they’re playing the Yankees so you can join in on the booing!

If you want a full list of fall events and activities in Massachusetts, take a look at this



Specifically – southern California.  There are only a few spots in the country that have warm, bright and sunny weather in the winter, and southern California is one of them.  So why not get away from the cold, snowy weather for three months and hang out on the beach?  Sounds like a no brainer to me.  Whether you want to check out Los Angeles, San Diego or Orange County – you’ll be greeted by sunshine, palm trees and fantastic food!  See a full list of attractions in southern California here.

Or, come check out the Coachella Valley where ESP Personnel’s corporate office is located and come pay us a visit!  I can promise you that the weather in the desert cities during the winter cannot be compared to anywhere else in the country.  You’ll be in awe of the 360° views of snowcapped mountains – all while enjoying the warm climate of the Valley. 

Also, if you find that you’re really missing that winter weather while on assignment, take a day-trip up to Big Bear Mountain to go skiing, which is located just an hour and a half from Palm Springs.  Where else can you go from 80-degree weather to 30 degrees by taking an hour and a half drive?? Not many!

California’s warm climate and beach destinations make it the perfect getaway for those unbearable winter months.

If you have any favorite places to travel to during a particular season, be sure to leave a comment below!


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