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Hospital Client Services

In today’s business climate, healthcare facilities must allocate budgeted dollars wisely and need service partners who provide clear value.

With ESP Personnel you will receive a comprehensive suite of value added services we know you’ll find beneficial!

Below are just a few examples of the many services ESP can deliver to your facility:

MyFlexDirect Profile… A unit-specific and fully customizable Portal which streamlines the supplemental staffing process. Quickly and easily you can:

  • View and Maintain Electronic Supplemental Staffing Schedules
  • Request Staff, View Current, Past and Upcoming Nurse Contracts
  • View E-Interview, Arrange Phone or Skype Interviews, Make Offers and Communicate with ESP Staff
  • Approve Travel and Per Diem Staff Hours
  • View Supplemental Staff Usage Reports Based on your Historical Data
  • Upload Orientation, Policies, Training and Education Courses
  • Request /Create Custom Training Courses or Remedial Education Courses

Audit Ready Records… Joint Commission Survey visits are a breeze with ESP’s Audit Ready Records! Through our technology based platform, you have instant access to Traveler and Per Diem records, including:

  • Licenses and Certifications
  • Standardized Health Records (HR Only)
  • Competency Exams
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Hospital Specific Required Documents

Time and Attendance Reports… Instant access to reports that affect your supplemental staffing budget. ESP’s Time and Attendance Reports enable you to:

  • Track Approved/Unapproved Overtime Hours from Dollars Spent to Root Cause Analysis
  • Receive Reports on Absenteeism, Call-Offs, Tardiness and Supplemental Staffing Usage, including Root Cause Analysis
  • Identify and Correct Staffing Exceptions which Affect your Bottom Line

E-Interview… Receiving and reviewing candidates for assignment has never been easier!  Our E-Interview provides an all-inclusive preview of each nurse submitted for your consideration.  The interview contains detailed information regarding their experience as well as all necessary documents to ensure the qualifications match your specific requirement.  Through the E-Interview, you will receive:

  • Nurse Resume
  • Pre-Qualification Recorded Interview Outlining Basic Qualifications
  • License and Certifications
  • Standardized Health Records (HR Only)
  • Skills Profiles and Competency Exams
  • Performance Evaluations

If a nurse captures your attention, you have the option to immediately accept the nurse or request a Phone or Skype Interview.

Performance Evaluations… Personalized performance evaluations based on your Facility’s metrics and policies to ensure all nurses working at your Facility are “up to par”.

  • Identifies/Assigns Remedial Education, if needed
  • Gives you Peace of Mind

Arlington University Education Platform… Hundreds of free online continuing education courses in every clinical specialty that are recognized by each state for credit towards license renewal.  Both Online and Live Instruction Courses are available.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Orientation
  • Remedial Education
  • Custom Created Courses

Specialized Hospital Account Management… Your own specialized team dedicated to the day to day management of your Facility’s supplemental staffing needs.

  • New Staffing Needs through to Completed Contracts Management
  • We have all your bases covered!
If you would like to inquire about ESP Personnel servicing your Facility, please complete the Hospital Service Request Form by clicking the button below. One of our Client Representatives will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and to customize a service solution for your Facility.
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