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Travel Nursing: How About a Working Vacation?

Perhaps the greatest advantage a travel nurse has, is the ability to always visit some new interesting part of the country, see the sites… yet still be earning a spectacular paycheck in the process. Let’s consider it a “working vacation”.

Not many other occupations offer this flexibility nor advantage! If you couple that with the adoption of the 12-hour shift over the last several decades, travel nurses really have it all – money and time off!

The Best of Both Worlds

Consider this; you could take a contract assignment of your choosing, anywhere in the country. And not only would you be visiting a new location that you perhaps have never seen before, but you would be making great money at the same time! Generally speaking, most (but not all) travel contracts offer 12-hour shifts; this mean that you would be working 36 hours per week… This means that you would have 4 days off per week to go see the sights of the city, or to take a day trip out of town into the mountains.

Now many of our nurses choose to work an extra shift each week (48 hours). By doing so these nurses increase their paycheck 25% – and STILL have 3 days off per week to do whatever they want!

So clearly, if you are a nurse who is considering traveling for the first time, there is a whole new world of opportunity that is about to open up for you! Leave behind the office politics, leave behind the sameness of routine.

Try a new facility in another part of the country, and in the course of it, you’ll learn new skills, new approaches and working in a new clinical environment will really expand your skill set and round out your resume nicely…

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