esp referral rewards program

Referral Rewards

Earn by working as an outside field agent with ESP!

ESP has two exciting programs that allow you create a potentially lucrative earnings stream by referring or recruiting nurses to ESP… Individuals, nurses, healthcare personnel, as well as, professional recruiters and nursing agencies can participate.


Statistics show that the demand for Registered Nurses and other patient care providers is SOARING and shows no end in sight! Healthcare is one of the few industries that continues to increase year after year, with more and more opportunity for those who are involved. Our business clients are demanding that we send them even more nurses than ever! So, we need YOUR help!

Which Program is Right for You?

ESP has 2 distinct programs that, if qualified, you can participate in and earn great financial rewards:

  1. ESP Direct: You can become a Virtual Recruiting Agent (or agency) with our ESP Direct program where you recruit and place your nurses directly through the ESP Client Accounts. Click to learn more…
  2. Referral Rewards: You can simply refer nurses to ESP and get paid passively for referrals when they go to work.

Become a Virtual Recruiter for ESP

The ESP Referral Rewards Program allows Registered Nurses, other healthcare recruiters and even healthcare staffing agencies to become “Remote Recruiters” working from home or in the field to recruit qualified RN candidates for ESP and our Hospital Clients. ESP Remote Recruiters work from home, choose their own hours, and make as much money as they want, based on the time they invest.

  • Individuals, home-based recruiters
  • Nurses and healthcare personnel
  • Nursing and healthcare agencies

Receive Unlimited Compensation for your Referrals!

As a Remote Recruiter you do the work ONCE, and then keep getting paid! There is no fixed amount or cap on the amount of money you can earn per nurse / contract; there are no flat fees or restrictions on the amount of compensation you can generate from nurses you recruit that go to work for ESP. In fact, as long as your recruited nurse works contiguously for ESP, as an active remote recruiter you will continue to receive passive income – contract after contract – year after year!