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Did you know that this week is National Nurses Week? It’s the second week of May, which means that nurses are getting ready to celebrate. Nurses Week is an opportunity for nurses to check in with each other and reflect on their roles. Nurses are often the unsung heroes of hospitals, clinics, and health care facilities. Yet, patients would not have access to the care they need without them. So in celebration of National Nurses Week 2023, here’s a list of some great discounts and freebies you might be able to take advantage of this week.

The ANA provides an excellent snapshot when looking at nursing as a profession. “Nursing is the glue that holds a patient’s health care journey together. Across the entire patient’s experience, and wherever there is someone in need of care, nurses work tirelessly to identify and protect the needs of the individual.

Beyond the time-honored reputation for compassion and dedication lies a highly specialized profession, which is constantly evolving to address the needs of society. From ensuring the most accurate diagnoses to the ongoing education of the public about critical health issues, nurses are indispensable in safeguarding public health.”

At ESP Personnel, we value all our nursing and health care team members. ESP Personnel thanks our nurses personally with various gifts and events run through the course of May 6th to May 12th. In addition to what we do for ESP staff, our team wanted to provide any healthcare worker reading a quick summary of different events other companies put on during the week. Take advantage of these offers, and be sure to poke around our various job opportunities while you enjoy your free and discounted stuff!

Enjoy Nurses Week 2023 Because You Deserve It

Nurses Week is a time to celebrate the essential role nurses play and raise awareness of how much they sacrifice to care for others. Check out the list of freebies and discounts on everything from burritos to internet packages during Nurses Week 2023.. Now’s the perfect time to show appreciation and enjoy Nurse Week’s freebies and discounts.

Verizon Nurses Week discounts

What is Verizon Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Verizon is offering nurses and their families unlimited plans for $20 per line for four lines. This opportunity is available for new or existing plans. Nurses can also get Verizon’s Fios 1 Gig internet plan for $49.99/month.

AT&T Nurses Week discounts

What is AT&T Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

AT&T is not only offering nurses but also physicians and their families 25% off their unlimited plans!

Hello Fresh Nurses Week discounts

What is Hello Fresh Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Hello Fresh is offering all nurses 55% off their first Hello Fresh box along with free shipping! In addition, an ongoing 15% off. Perfect, after a long shift to have your meals stress-free, no waste meals at your doorstep.

Chipotle Nurses Week discounts

What is Chipotle Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Like every year, Chipotle has amazing deals to honor healthcare workers. This year, Chipotle is giving away 2,000 burrito Care Packages that are large enough to feed 50 people. Each Burrito Care Package contains 50 free entree vouchers.

Reebok Nurses Week discounts

What is Reebok Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Reebok is offering a fantastic deal this year for nurses. If you are searching for new footwear or athletic clothing now is the time to score 50% off.

Stanley Nurses Week discounts

What is Stanley Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Have you been wanting to get your hands on the viral Stanley tumbler? Now is the time to so. Stanley is offering up to 20% off for nurses, a great way to stay hydrated!

Budget Rental Car Nurses Week discounts

What is Budget Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

In need of a rental car on your next vacation? Budget is offering up to 25% off your next car rental.

Zneakers Discount Shoes

What is Zneakers Doing for Nurses Week 2023?

Do you enjoy comfortable sneakers during your daily grind? Zneakers is offering a 10% discount on your first orderr on email signup.,

Nurses Week 2022 Job Opportunities

Is 2023 the Year that You are Looking for New Opportunity?

If you are looking for a new job or want to add in some extra income, feel free to Apply and Search Jobs. Quickly build your work-ready profile online! You can easily begin at a new facility in a contract or per diem capacity within the same week! After applying and uploading your documents, a helpful ESP Personnel placement team member will help tailor a custom-fit job opportunity that is right for you.

National Nurses Week History

Still Curious? The ANA provides a summary of key dates that led to the week of appreciation as it exists today.