Are You Looking to Make More Money?

You’ve worked hard in your chosen field and invested a lot to get where you are. Don’t you think it’s time you receive a higher rate of return on your time investment?

Supplement your current job and income with new nursing opportunities through ESP Personnel. We have many temporary, short term and long term nursing jobs that can dramatically increase your annual income.

ESP contracts with hospitals all over the U.S., and due to the nature of those contracts, we can offer you much higher pay rates than those typically received by traditional staff nurses.

We have nationwide travel assignments (Travel & Commuter-Travel) in virtually every unit discipline. And, we also provide daily Per Diem shifts in many local areas.

So…Why Not Offer Your Expertise Through ESP Personnel?

Whether it’s for a 13-week travel assignment across country, across town or just a few per diem shifts a month, you’ll find that working through ESP Personnel not only empowers you to expand your income, it will expand your nursing skills and experience base as well!

Make your choice…

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