You’ve invested time and money to get where you are. Don’t you think it’s time you receive a higher rate of return on your investment?

By joining our care force, you not only get a high rate of pay, but you have a team of enthusiastic staffing experts backing you 24/7. Whether you choose to supplement your current income with local shift work or take to the road for a contract, we are standing by ready to discuss your next steps at any of the hundreds of facilities that trust us with their staffing needs.

Not sure about your next step? Read on …

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Travel Nursing

How does a “working vacation” on the other side of the country sound to you? Perhaps to an area you’ve always dreamed of seeing. Maybe a warmer climate in the winter or a cooler climate in the summer. Whether you are new to the travel healthcare industry or just looking for fresh opportunities, we can help make your dream a reality.

Choose the city you want to work in, the facility, even the shift you’d like to fill. Then enjoy the freedom to change it up again in 4-26 weeks. You decide your every move and determine your own path to success. We’ll be right there with you to help make it all happen.

Not only will you work at some of the best facilities, have the opportunity to live in some of the most exciting locations in the country, and receive phenomenal income, you will also be able to gain experience that will prove invaluable to your career.

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Consider the following benefits:

Weekly pay structured to maximize your take home salary
A full-service specialized placement team that works for YOU
Access to our experts when you need them

Local Per Diem Nursing

Want the ability to fit your job into your busy life? To choose only the shifts and hours you want to work? Per Diem nursing may be the perfect solution for you. We have thousands of shifts available across the country that allow you to supplement your income – whether your goal is to pay down bills, splurge on the tropical vacation you’ve been dreaming about, or anything in between.

With Per Diem Nursing, you will receive:

Instant payment with great tax benefits at the end of each shift
A full-service specialized placement team that works for YOU
Access to our experts when you need them
The ability to Make Your Own schedule
Nurse standing in exam room with patient and other nurses

Whether you choose Travel or Per Diem, we provide you with a personalized set of state-of-the-art tools to make all those long hours not only more rewarding, but easier to navigate. With these tools, all healthcare professionals at ESP receive instant access to the following:

Current Schedule
Immediate Job Notifications
License and Certification Tracking
Free Continuing Education Units
Real Time Payroll Access and Projections
Forward Horizon Scheduling, ensuring ongoing employment

It’s Easy to Apply